City Power said on Friday(26/7/19) afternoon that its cyber security team had identified the type of ransomware that had earlier attacked and temporarily crippled its computer systems.

“The virus samples have been taken to the external labs for analysis and testing,” spokesperson Isaac Mangena said in a statement.

“Our IT technicians have also recovered and, in [a] few instances, reconstructed most of the systems, applications and data that was threatened, using backup files.”

Mangena said the ransomware hit their email systems the hardest and it was “taking a while to recover and restore” them.

“We are currently busy in a process of restoring email, SharePoint and website backups, which will ensure customers are able to access the website.”

Mangena said they hoped it will be all systems go again on Saturday night.

“Part of the work going forward will be to beef up our cyber monitoring and defence systems to ensure we avoid such attacks.”

Customers have been fuming since the ransomware struck on Wednesday, encrypting City Power’s computer databases and network.

Ransomware is a malicious software that blocks users from accessing the computer by holding the computer’s data “hostage” until the owner pays a ransom.